How did I become the boss of the best towing company in Bloomington?

People have been asking me that for so many years that I’ve lost count of them: how on earth did you, little Patty Marciano, become a tow truck driver?

And more: how did you, little Patty Marciano, build Patty Marciano Towing Services (formerly the Bloomington Towing Company) into the best tow truck company in Bloomington?

Well, first off, I’m not sure if I can really see that my towing company is the best towing company in Bloomington.

I always say it is, of course, and I truly believe it is, but I’m not 100%, absolutely scientifically sure that it is.

Still, if it’s not really the best, it’s right up there in the very highest ranks, so if I say it’s the best I can’t be very far from the truth.

And the way I got into this business was very funny. During my junior and senior years in high school I worked at a McDonald’s in Bloomington.



There was a guy that came into my store everyday. His name was Rex, and he was a big burly guy that drove tow truck for a living.

In fact, as I learned after we got to know each other a little, he owned the tow truck company he worked for.

And anyway, to make a long story short, Rex was really impressed by how hard I worked, and also by how bright I always was—by the way I was always so totally friendly and welcoming to all the customers.

He kept saying that he wished he could find someone like me to work at his tow truck company. He had a hard time finding hard workers, he told me, and an even harder time finding workers that would be friendly to the customers.

So finally one day I told him, why not me? Why not, after I graduate from high school, I go to work at your tow truck company?

At first he thought I was joking, and I did too. But eventually, in the end, I realized that actually, in fact, I wasn’t joking. And he realized that he wasn’t joking either.

And that’s how I became a tow truck driver.

Now, how did I build the business up to be the best tow truck company in Bloomington?

I’ll start telling that story tomorrow.