About Us

Patty Marciano Towing Services is one of the best, if not the best towing service in all of Bloomington. The company was founded by Patty Marciano twenty years ago, back in 1996. Patty had worked for five years, right after graduating from high school,  for the Rex Henderson Towing Company, but after Rex died and his son Lionel took over, Patty quit, and bought a rundown old towing company called The Bloomington Towing Company. And in five short years she completely turned that company around. Patty Marciano Towing Services now has 6 trucks and twelve full-time employees. Patty is a real go-getter that can’t be stopped, and that’s why her employees stand by her and never quit. Everybody at Patty Marciano Towing Services feels like they are on a winning team. And they are!